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PCG Asia provide a range of financial and tax services for clients who handle accounting functions in-house, and also for those who prefer to outsource the services in order to focus the resources on the revenue-generating activities of their business.

We provide assistance to companies who already have an internal bookkeeper, but might be unfamiliar with Hong Kong's financial reporting framework and compliance requirements. Some clients are looking for assistance and further expertise in preparing management and statutory accounts from their internal records.

We provide comprehensive accounting and financial management services for various sizes of clients - from individuals or small and medium sized companies. Our expert financial consultants provide flexible solutions that are tailored to the particular circumstances and business needs of the organization, whether on-site or off-site, on-going or project based.


Our Scope of Services:

Accounting Services

  • Initial set up of accounting system

    • Full set of accounting books
    • Chart of accounts
  • General bookkeeping servicesPreparation of financial statements – monthly, quarterly or yearly

    • Customer billing and invoicing
    • Bills receivables and payables
    • Employee expense claims and reimbursement
    • Bank reconciliation on monthly basis
  • Fund flow management and cash projection

  • Financial information analysis, forecasts or yearly budgets on needed basis

  • Design of internal accounting systems, policies & procedures

  • Annual audit assistance


Payroll Services

  • Initial set up of payroll systemSalary calculation & provident fund contribution payment processing

    • Employer & employee registration for mandatory provident fund scheme as required by Employment Ordinance
    • Payroll database
    • Integration of banker’s payroll auto-pay system if needed
  • Processing of employee expense reimbursements

  • Preparation of employees' pay slips

  • Maintenance of payroll related information such as allowances and benefits

  • Maintenance of employee database as personnel record


Taxation Services

  • Preparation of employer’s tax returns

  • Filing of tax returns for employees for statutory compliance

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