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We're a company with a passion for Asia, Asian business, and the opportunities that lie ahead in this region. We are passionate about the work we do, and to make our clients happy. We share an enthusiasm for the opportunities available in the Asia-Pacific Rim and are excited about our work, our clients, and our future.

Our consultants always strive to make sure the work we do is top-notch, and so far we have made a lot of friends. We firmly believe that success in Asia depends not only on the "know-how" built up internally, but also the "know-who", or the international business network, that is external to the company. This combination of knowledge and network provides a unique platform that opens doors, creates opportunities, and expands business.

These values permeate our company culture, and we are very proud of our credo. Some argue that its better to focus on just one thing. However, we have realized that gaining experience and expertise in multiple countries and in many areas is what makes us valuable to our clients. The ability to step back and see things from different perspectives, and analyze the situation based on corporate as well as cultural values is not always evident, yet it can produce amazing results.

Pacific Consulting Group is often brought in as a sub-contractor for larger projects in Asia. In the past we have partnered with others to take on a variety of projects, including one of Europe's largest and oldest University, a FTSE 100 medical device manufacturer, a pan-Asian PR firm, the largest risk management organization in the United States, a Thai financial holding company, and several others.

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