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Here we have provided some links to help you understand some of the most common visa/immigration related issues. Please do not hesitate to contact us to learn more.


  • Employment in Hong Kong

    Visit the Employment section of GovHK to find information and services related to job search, labour legislation, employees' protection and compensation, the Mandatory Provident Fund Scheme, and occupational safety and health in Hong Kong, etc.

  • Policy for Entry for Employment

    Learn more about the policy for entry for employment through this website.

  • Entry for Employment as Professionals in Hong Kong

    Learn more about the entry arrangements for employment as professionals in Hong Kong.

  • Quality Migrant Admission Scheme

    The QMAS aims to attract talented people from the Mainland and overseas to develop their careers in Hong Kong. Under this Scheme, applicants do not need to acquire an offer of local employment beforehand. Learn more about the QMAS points-based system and how to make an application here.

  • Recruitment of Native-speaking English Teachers

    The Native-speaking English Teacher Scheme recruits native English speakers to teach in public sector primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong. Learn about the recruitment process, and check out this exciting opportunity to live and work in Hong Kong!

  • Overseas Domestic Helpers Centres

    A number of Overseas Domestic Helper Centres have been established to provide facilities for helpers to gather and carry out activities on their rest days. Find more information about these centres here.

  • Interactive Employment Service

    Search for the latest jobs available in the Interactive Employment Service of the Labour Department.

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