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PCG is able to custom-tailor a high-level training program to equip your senior executives with the tools and expertise they’ll need to succeed in your target Asian markets. These training sessions are compressed and intensive, usually conducted over a 3 to 5 day period, although in some cases a single day program is most suitable.

Although the content is developed in close coordination with the client, topics typically include business culture, negotiation style and tactics, understanding the local business and economic environment, and a general overview orientation on the country. Training techniques include mock negotiations, group exercises, and presentations. PCG’s custom-tailored training programs provide your executives with the tools and knowledge they’ll need to succeed. Some example topics we often cover:

  • Developing successful working and business relationships with Chinese executives is not always easy and requires an understanding of at least the basics of Chinese culture and business etiquette.
  • Do not underestimate how profoundly different the Western and Chinese mindsets are.
  • Cross-cultural negotiation with the Chinese.
  • How to bridge the cultural divides.
  • Which strategies and techniques are ,most -- and least effective -- in dealing with Chinese?
  • The importance of relationship building.
  • What you need to understand about the concept of "face".
  • China's historical experience and why it's still relevant today.
  • Miscellaneous "do's and don'ts" in dealing with the Chinese

Failure to sufficiently understand these cultural issues and nuances has caused US companies to lose millions of dollars in lost business deals or unsuccessful partnerships. A small investment in Executive Training is a "no-brainer."

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