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It is a well-known and well-trusted business axiom that “who” you know can be more important than “what” you know. Nowhere is this more true than in Asia, where having the right relationships can oftentimes be the difference between success and failure.

The need for the right partner arises whether you are looking for an agent or distributor, a potential joint venture partner, or simply an experienced local associate to help navigate a foreign terrain.

Having the right relationships builds a positive image for your company, helps avoid problems before they start, and helps ensure that any problems that do arise are resolved as smoothly and quickly as possible, avoiding damage to your brand and limiting burdensome legal expenses.

Drawing upon our deep reservoir of personal and business contacts, PCG can open the right doors, ensure that you make the right connections, and build the right relationships in your target countries, both throughout the Asia Pacific, as well as in North America.

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